June 8, 1984

United States Park Police
1100 Ohio Drive S.W.
'Washington, D.C. 20242

Friends, -

At times in the lives of all human beings we face crossroads. You are at a crossroad right now. Those of you who were present and observer the truth in Lafayette Park on June 6, 1984 shortly after six a.m. can either speak out against the brutality of your fellow officer, or you can support him in his crimes against seekers or peace.

There has been loud vocal dissension in the park from time to time because of the pressure we live under, caused by little sleep and lots of harassment. But we have persevered, for we know what we're doing is right, and some of us have shown by example to others that disagreements can we settled through dialogue rather than violence.

Rather than drive us away, the actions of your fellow officer have pulled us closer together, united against oppression.

If you choose by lying to protect Officer Haynes from society's judgment on his brutality, you will receive God's judgment. If you speak the truth of what actually occurred, you will he blessed with the knowledge that you are both protecting society from further outbursts of insane behavior, and protecting yourselves from the inevitable spiritual consequences of lies.

Give truth, love, and an open mind and that's what you'll get.

/s/Ellen Thomas
c: Chief of Park Police Len Herring

Deputy Chief of Park Police J. C. Lindsey
Washington Post Correspondent Edward Sargent
Church of the Brethren
Washington, D.C. Society of Friends
General Public