June 8, 1984

Officer David Haynes
U.S. Park Police
1100 Ohio Drive S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20242

Dear Officer Haynes:

You seem to have been cast in the role of henchman.

Do you derive pleasure from punching, slamming, kicking, and choking demonstrators for peace who refuse to punch, slam, kick or choke back?

DO you enjoy causing physical pain to others?

Do you sleep well at night when you inform the gullible public through the slanted press that you were assaulted by people whose necks and shoulders bear the bruises of your fingers?

If not, why do you remain a prostitute to the system that requires you to inflict pain and lie in order' to earn a paycheck?

If so, why do your superiors risk the inevitable public scrutiny of an investigation into brutality? "Wry do they allow you to remain on the force?

You rust end this insane behavior lest you break the greatest of God's commandment: Thou shalt not kill.

Your soul, friend, is in dire danger. Take heed.

No one is beyond redemption. God will forgive your perfidies if your future actions beg forgiveness. If not, we pity you.

/s/Ellen Thomas

c: Chief of Park Police Len Herring

Deputy Chief of Park Police J. C. Lindsey
Washington Post Correspondent Edward Sargent
General Public
Church of the Brethren
Washington, D.C. Society of Friends