USA v. Thomas, Sept. 16, 1982-Transript
Criminal Nos. 82-0329M-01

TRANSCRIPT, page 88: Wolz:

1. Q. a hundred feet from where Mr. Thomas was sleeping?

2. A. As I stated earlier, I do not recall seeing Mary out

3. there at that time of the evening.

4. Q. Did you look for her?

5. A. Yes, Sir. I looked for people that were in the area

6. of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from East Executive Avenue

7. to West Executive Avenue.

8. Q. Now, other than sleeping on the morning that you

9. arrested Mr. Thomas, was he doing anything that you

10. hadn't observed him doing the rest of the time you had seen him?

11. A. What are you referring to, Sir?

12. Q. Well, what was he doing? What was he doing differently

13. the night that you arrested him that he had not been

14. doing or had been doing for the year preceding his arrest?

15. A. Okay. To try to answer your question, okay, the CFR,

16. this camping regulation was revised, I believe, in the

17. early part of June. As far as Mr. Thomas's past records

18. or that I have seen from his criminal record, as far as

19. that goes, Mr. Thomas-there for awhile we were

20. insrtucted to arrest people in front of the White House

21. for unlawful entry and I think trespassing and a couple

22. of other charges. But I know Mr. Thomas was at least

23. arrested on one occasion for those charges.

24. Mr. Thomas had basically been doing the same thing

25. for, like I say, approximately a year. Basically he

USDC 82-0329M, USA v. Thomas, Sept. 16, 1982