June 5, 1982
I hold this physical truth to be self-evident...by, Thomas

I hold this physical truth to be self evident, that the policies of the United States of America pose a clear, and direct threat to itself, and to others.

Because it is my personal moral conviction that it Is the responsibility of each Human Being to treat others as they themselves would be treated, i religiously hold, and daily strive to fulfill this human commitment.

Whereas, from personal experience, I deemed United States citizenship to be incompatible with my moral convictions, it became incumbent upon me to cease recognizing myself as a United States citizen, and to remove myself from a political system which constitutes a threat to itself, and, more importantly, to others.

When, on October 2, 1980, the United States government forced me to enter this country, against ny will, their action belied their rhetorical commitment to Ideals, and portrayed that government's practical commitment, and dedication to individual self determination, religious belief, freedom of movement, Equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In deliberately acting to undermine what this government itself holds to be the God given, inalienable rights by which it seeks to justify Its very existence, it has, in fact, denied the concept of these rights, and proven it's ideological position to be Precisely the same as that of the Soviet Union: namely one which suppresses individual rights for the benefit of materialism, and political power. It is hoped that my presence in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. may cause the population of the United States to seriously consider whether blowing up themselves, and the rest of the Earth in an attempt to prove that one elitist power structure Is better than another, is actually in the best interests of no one.

By sitting in front of the White House, sleeping, like Lazarus, by the gates of the world's wealthiest public servant, I hope to clearly demonstrate the lengths to which a moral person must go in order to remain true to the ideals of Truth, Justice, and Freedom within an amoral society. In other words i am demonstrating not only hon to be in a world of law, and bureaucratic regulations which value property, above Human Life, while not being part of such a world, but also i am demonstrating how difficult the law enforcement, judical, and bureaucratic agencles of such a world make the life of an individual who presumes to question their morality.

A demonstration is an illustration, and if the United States government finds my illustration of it's own hypocrisy too distasteful to allow, might I humbly suggest that the United States government simply put me back where it kidnapped me from, rather than by resorting to totalitarian tactics in an attempt to mute my voice.

W. Thornas
June 5, 1982