Thomas' Statement

December 25, 1981

For nearly seven months, virtually twenty-four hours a day, i have remained in front of the White House petitioning the government for a most simple redress in a clear violation of my most fundamental human rights.

i have been patient, peaceful, and consistent in my demand. The government has remained steadfast in its ignorance. The police, in response to civil authority, rather than law, have waged a continuous campaign of harassment, from which, it is hoped, they have noted something of their own lack of principle.

Unfortunately, the ongoing police harassment has reached a stage where it effectively, though illegally, prohibits me from expressing myself as i had chosen, and living as my principles dictate. Therefore, it seemed appropriate that i attempt a new form of demonstration.

By this i hope to illustrate, among other things that:

1. The police cannot inflict anything on me which i would not willingly bear in order to maintain my ideals.

2. I am, most serious in my demand for freedom, even at the expense of personal comfort.

3. Inconvenience is preferable to complicity in evil.


If the government doesn't like me hanging around in front of the White House telling the truth, they have only themselves to blame for bringing me here. If they don't want me hanging out at the White House they need only put me back were they found me.

25 - 12 - 81