November 27, 1981

Religion is a way of life. My way of life is to treat others as I would like them to treat me. While my religion is simple it demands responsible action, and on occasion, self sacrifices.

I am presently in the United states against my will, having been brought here in violation of the laws of this country. Immediately my own desire is to leave this country, and to resume the activities in which I was engaged Prior to the illegal interference of the authorities of this country.

My personal experience has led me to conclude that the United States, in pursuit of its own pleasure and comfort, is actively engaged in the destruction of the planet on which I live, and which I hold to pe the property of ny Creator. To work within the system that comprises the United States, Is, for me, to contribute to this destruction. On the basis of ny religious principles without which one may not buy, sell. or trade within this society. Because I cannot buy, sell. or trade I am forced to live on the streets, and subsist. on what society throws away. So my very existence is a demonstration of the manner in which a truly moral person is compelled to live within an amoral society.

I have chosen 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. as the location for this demonstration for a number of reasons including

A. An attempt to draw to the attention of the policy makers the effects of their policies,

B. It is a place to which visitors come from all over the world thereby affording an international platform for my message,

C. Many Americans pass by affording me the opportunity to pass out printed writings,

D. It seems the ideal place to petition the government, against having been brought into this country illegally.

If the government is disturbed at having ne living in front of the White House all they need do is to let me out of the country.

(signed) Thomas
Nov 27 1981