WASHINGTON POST, June 22, 1941

The American Peace Mobilization's "perpetual" picketing of the White House yesterday attained 1,029 hours, caught the Saturday midday rush, performed its prearranged death gurgle and died in the street where 1,784 A.P.M. members were reported to have marched, purportedly for peace.

But the idea, said Frederick V. Field, A. P. M. executive secretary, goes marching on. He halted the pickets, seeming to number more than 200, stood up on the stone base of the White House iron fence and declared the picketing ended but successful, and ready to come to life somewhere else.

In his formal speech of 12 paragraphs, he said, "We cannot afford to rest; we cannot weaken our efforts. In this eleventh hour of our national crisis the movement symbolized by the White House vigil must be brought to every community in the United States, to every group of American citizens who together with us insist that the first shot shall not be fired."

A small crowd heard him, mostly his own followers. Police kept passersby moving. Adjourning to their headquarters on the third floor of the building at 1853 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, the members milled about in several small hot rooms. They said they would leave at once for their homes in all parts of the country.