Tourist Interview

"I believe in freedom of speech. I support your right to be here, speaking your mind. But with you and your sign right here I can't get a good shot of the White House." The tourist said.

"Actually you can get a picture of the White House from several angles that completely exclude my signs."

"Why couldn't you just take your signs across the street, and protest there. Like I said, I agree with your First Amendment rights, but I came all the way from Oshkosh, this is my vacation and I want to get some nice pictures to remember it."

"Please, don't misunderstand. My purpose for being here is not to ruin your vacation. I am here out of a sense of duty. I feel I have a responsiblilty to communicate as effectively as possible on issues I believe to be of great importance to the human race."

"I agree that what you are talking about is important, but I don't see why you couldn't say it just across the street." The tourist persisted.

"Let's say I was to take my signs right now and move them across the street. Inevitably, I think, it would only be a short time before someone else would come by and say, "I agree with your First Amendment rights, but you're ruining my vacation. Why don't you put your signs on the top of Mt. McKinley? Unless a line is drawn somewhere, there will be no place to draw a line."