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At the March, 1999 symposium at the House of Representatives "Nuclear Y2K Symposium," nuclear arms and energy engineers, scientists, consultants, activists, and government officials seriously examined the possible threats and solutions to the then-imminent Y2K dangers inherent in the nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons systems. Fortunately, the millenium arrived with only a few glitches. For a little while, the planet really was praying. Perhaps this bodes well for the future.

What do we learn from all of this and where do we concentrate our collective, creative energies? We of The Conversion Project believe that the Y2K dilemma should act as a Wake up call! We believe that it should bind us all together in a world-wide effort to rid ourselves of this tremendous, dangerous and expensive nuclear burden. It seems reasonable to conclude, at this juncture, that given all the negative consequences of the nuclear age (the spin efforts of those involved in that industry notwithstanding), and given the fact that we possess the technology to start phasing in the new energy technologies, we are sacrificing far too much and getting far too little in return to continue using nuclear power. Let's phase it out and move on!