On September 25, 1983 I was arrested by the United States Park Police, Officer Haynes, on a charge of "camping" in Lafayette Park.

The arrest accured at approximately 7:00 AM, and I was taken to the Park Police sub-station at 1100 Ohio Drive SW, where I was held until about 12:00 noon, at which time I was driven to the District of Columbia Central Cell Block, on Indiana NW. There we were informed to court was closed for the weekend, and I was driven to DC jail.

Officer Haynes turned me over to the custody of the DC jail. I was admitted to the jail without a DC jail identification number.

When I was asked by a DC jail official for my number, and said that I didn't have one he said:

"The number on your wrist band."

"She doesn't have one." Said Officer Haynes.

Then a door opened, two women came out, and escorted by Officer Haynes, I was forced into the jail.

After Officer Haynes left I was searched by the two women, and put in a cell.

On September 26, 1983, at about 11:00 AM Lt. Eggins (?sp) of the DC jail entered my cell with officers Fletcher, and Dorsen.

"Are you Concepcion Picciotto?' Lt. Eggins asked.

"Yes." I replied."

"I have been told that you have been sprayed with chemicals."

"Who told you that ?" I asked.

After a few moments of silence Lt. Eggins said. "i have been told that you are carrying contraband, and I have to search you. Take off your clothes."

"No." I said. "There is a law that says you ca'nnot strip any more. I have already been searched throughly."

"We have to strip you because we believe you carry some contraband. Either take your clothes off, or we will take them off."

Having removed my clothes, as a result of oLt. Eggins' threat, I was then forced to assume a number of huailiating positions, while the jail employees watched me.. I was then forced to take a shower again, while the officers watched oe, making derogatory remarks about my hair and person.

The entire episode was extreamly degrading, and caused me considerabe mental anguish.

Concepcion Picciotto