Year Case/Incident Number
94 012440

White House Ellipse Area Lafayette Park

Mo. Day Yr.
03 23 94

Dis Con: 1 Arrest


On 03/23/94 at approximately 1745 hours while on patrol in Lafayette Park I spoke with THOMAS, William. While talking with THOMAS I detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage, I asked THOMAS if he had been drinking. He stated he had not had a drink in four months but on this day he had had "two quarts and then some'. He did not specify what he had been drinking but he leaned to within 4 inches of my face and breathed on me to demonstrate. He also told me of his dislike of another demonstrator, AESFYZA, Ezsyedepeea. He said he thought AESFYZA was a hypocrite because he had gotten a permit to demonstrate which displaced his friend Conception. Overall the tone of the conversation was amiable. The conversation lasted about 15 minutes before both Thomas and I departed.

At approximately 184 hours I returned to the south side of Lafayette Park to see THOMAS standing over the seated AESFYZA. THOMAS was gesticulating wildly with has hands and shouting. As I approached I heard THOMAS shout "don't bother to call the police he's here now." I asked what was wrong, THOMAS began a tirade against AESFYZA. I asked THOMAS "Why don't you calm down and return to your sign"> With this he began jumping up and down and shouting, "why don't you go climb a fucking flagpole you motherfucker?" He shouted this twice and then ran to his bicycle while continuing to shout similar exclamations. I walked over to him and held onto the seat of the bicycle, he jumped off of the bike and ran 1 yards and then started shouting, "try to catch me you dummy!" He then ran north through the park shouting as he ran. Approximately one minute later he returned and sat down at my feet. I told him he was under arrest, handcuffed him and transported him to USPP D-1 for processing.

During the incident described above and because of THOMAS' antics a group formed, initially of the other demonstrators and homeless who frequent the park and then of tourists who had come from a bus.

THOMAS was issued a citation with a court date of 04/08/94 at 9:00 am and released from USPP D-1 at approximately 2045 hours.

Reporting Officer

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Case Listing --- Proposition One ---- Peace Park