From an AP report: Carl Drega

Three nuclear power plants that hired the New Hampshire man who killed four people last month followed federal security regulations, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Friday. ... Carl Drega worked at various times at Vermont Yankiee, Pilgrim in Massachusetts, and Indian Point in Buchanan, N.Y. the NRC said.

Staff at each of the plants conducted the background security checks required of anyone who works at a U.S. nuclear power facility and none turned up anything that would have alerted officials, the NRC said.

Drega had worked at each of [the power plants] as a contractor on maintenance projects. The purpose of the inspections, coducted Aug. 26-29, was "to determine if the access authorization programs, as implemented, identified information that shoulc have precluded Drega from being granted unescorted access," ..."to the secured portions of the plants."

(Drega, you may recall, gunned down and killed two New Hampshire state troopers who had stopped him on a rountine traffic citation, drove one of the trooper's cars into town to kill a judge and a newspaper editor, set fire to his own house, and drove away to engage in a gun battle with four other policmen. He was killed, and authorities later discovered bomb materials on his property. The report did not say whether there were nuclear components to those bombs.)

Who is minding the store?

Dorrie Weiss

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