University of Nevada at Las Vegas, April 1-4, 1996

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No Mining! No Testing! No Production! No Ddumping! No Nukes!

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March 26, 1996

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Las Vegas (NV) -- Organizers and activists from a wide range of nuclear issues converge on Las Vegas and the Nevada Test Site for a week of conferences, demonstrations and nonviolent direct action. The Nuclear abolition summit, to be held at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, April 1-4, 1996, will bring together international antinuclear activists focusing on all phases of the nuclear chain, from mining to dumping: The Summit's goal is to strategize and develop a cohesive plan to oppose moves by the nuclear industry on many fronts, including planned "subcritical" nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site, continued uranium mining, and the transportation and dumping of nuclear waste using unsound designs in unsafe locations throughout the world, many times on traditional indigenous lands.

"No Mining! No Testing! No Production! No Dumping! No Nukes! is the rallying cry of the participants. The Nuclear Abolition Summit is one in a series of meetings of the international Abolition 2000 Network, whose member groups represent tens of millions of people on six continents calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons and a timebound framework for such disarmament to be negotiated by the year 2000.

Among the Summit's most pressing issues are the upcoming plans by the US Department of Energy (DOE) to conduct underground "subcritical" nuclear tests. Although the DOE claims that these test, so-called hydrodynamic experiments, are allowed under the Nuclear Testing Moratorium Act, opponents of the tests (scheduled to begin June 18, 1996) foresee the dangers these tests pose both to the recently extended Non-Proliferation Treaty and to current negotiations for a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. "These upcoming tests are offensive and contrary to nuclear disarmament, which is US law as stated in Article 6 of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. They are expensive, deadly and will only lead to more nuclear waste in Nevada. The DOE claims these aren't nuclear tests but they are continuing to develop nuclear weapons through underground experiments at the Nevada Test Site. It sounds like a nuclear test to me" declared Summit organizer Stephanie Fraser. She added, "We must make the connections between the civilian adn military uses of radionuclides, only in this way will true nuclear disarmament occur."

Some of the issues to be addressed:

Events during the Week:

4/1 - Rally, Nuclear Fools Parade and Demonstration -- A march from the University of Nevada Las Vegas to the Department of Energy's Nevada Operations Office to demand "Shut the Nevada Test Site down."

4/1-3 The Nuclear Abolition Summit plenaries, panels, working groups and discussions. Specific times, panelists and locations available upon request.

4/3 - Free Evening Concert -- Music, thanks and celebration for the gains made toward disarmament.

4/4-7 Healing Global Wounds -- A spiritual and political gathering of activists at the entrance to the Nevada Test Site (65 miles northwest of Las Vegas) will be held with workshops and discussions on the effects reliance on nuclearism have had on Native and ruralcommunities around the world, especially onthe Western Shoshone people on whose land almost 1000 nuclear bombs were exploded.

4/8 - Nuclear Abolition Day of Action -- Nonviolent direct action to close the Nevada Test Site down with a larger call for all nuclear testing sites to be closed permanently.

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