Depleted Uranium Keeps On Killing

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Depleted uranium is the war crime of the late 20th and early 21st century.

That "tank-busting," "armor-piercing" artillery carried by "A-10 Warthogs" in Iraq and Yugoslavia was made of Depleted Uranium. It leaves radioactive particles in the air, water, soil, and food chain. These tasteless, invisible particles, if ingested and absorbed into your body's tissues, quietly kill.

There are scientists and doctors who believe that at least some of the "Gulf War Syndrome" symptoms suffered by veterans and their offspring were caused by radioactive debris and dust from "tank-busting" Depleted Uranium artillery used during the 1991 Iraq war. Eleven years later, DU shell holes in the vehicles along the "Highway of Death" were 1,000 times more radioactive than background radiation. Shortly after the bombing stopped in Iraq War Round II, it was estimated that four times more Depleted Uranium was used than in the first Gulf War. Scientists around the world sounded an alarm, in part because of the evidence of severe birth defects from prior usage.

The U.S. military website for Aberdeen Proving Grounds describes Depleted Uranium as radioactive, toxic, and of concern for the environment.

Yet the United States government has been allowing the sale of these weapons to NATO and six other countries (according to the Washington Post, and at least 17 countries already have them, the Christian Science Monitor reports)!

When BBC and Reuters stories appeared during the bombing of Yugoslavia, we decided it was time to educate ourselves and help educate you about this little-discussed, extremely dangerous weapon that (according to the Washington Post, April 11, 1999) can now be SOLD to such favorites of the U.S. as Argentina, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Egypt, Israel, and the 19 NATO nations, such sales to be backeDepleted Uraniump by U.S. taxpayer-guaranteed loans.

Soldiers boasting that "uranium bullets are the best" - lost uranium bullets in Puerto Rico - d.u. testing in Panama, and Japan, and Aberdeen Proving Grounds Maryland, USA, and who knows where else - do you find this scary?

Read the articles at the left -- collected from news agencies, reputable research organizations, and military websites -- and when you're done, maybe you'll know enough to speak out. We sure hope so.

One book you might want to read is the illustrated collection of interviews of victims of Gulf War d.u., "Discounted Casualties: The Human Cost of Depleted Uranium," by Japanese journalist Akira Tashiro. If your library doesn't have a copy, request one, and then let the school teachers know about it.

Please help spread this disturbing information far and wide. Please call your local radio, tv, and newspapers and ask them to broadcast/publish information about Depleted Uranium. Contact your politicians and ask for laws banning Depleted Uranium weapons. And keep checking back here to read the most recent articles and literature about Depleted Uranium.

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