September 24, 1996

On September 24, 1996 when President Clinton and world leaders gather at the United Nations to sign the nuclear Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, citizen activists nationwide will gather at events to remember the devastating toll of 51 years of nuclear weapons testing, and to pledge to continue efforts to eliminate all nuclear weapons.

Here are some of the events happening around the country:
LIVERMORE, CA:At LlVERMORE Labs, a signing ceremony (to which Lab employees will be invited), and press conference, followed by an interfaith service with ringing of bells, beating of drums, and blowing of shofars. Cake showing a road map to nuclear abolition will be served. Many from surrounding Bay area are attending.
LlVERMORE Labs Visitor Center at 11:00 am
contact:Marylia Kelly, Tri-Valley cares - Tel.: 510 443 7148
LOS ANGELES, CA:At the Chain Reaction "Mushroom Cloud" sculpture in Santa Monica, CA activists will celebrate, eat a specially designed cake, remember victims and the struggle to end testing, and plot the next steps.
At the Sculpture, 1855 Main Street, Santa Monica 12 Noon
contact:Jonathon Parfrey, Physicians for Social Responsibility
Tel.: 310 458 2694
SACRAMENTO, CA:Local Churches will ring bells 51 times. Buddhist churches are also participating. An enlarged copy of the Peoples Pledge, "From Nuclear Test Ban to Nuclear Abolition," will be the visual backdrop at a press conference. Everyone will be invited to sign the pledge.
Bells will begin ringing at 11:50 am. 12:00 noon ceremony at the catholic cathedral on "K" Street Mall.
contact:Bernice Kring, Grandmothers for Peace - Tel.: 916 684 8744
SEATTLE, WA:At the Federal Building downtown, a drumming circle, and several downtown area churches will be asked to toll bells. Also, activities at the Trident base.
Federal Building, 2nd and Marion at 11:30 am.
contact:Martin Fleck, Physicians for Social Responsibility
& Northwest Disarmament Coalition
- Tel.: 206 547 2630
SANTA FE, NM:Noon Bell tolling, 51 times at St. Francis Cathedral and "Giant Party" at Santa Fe Plaza. Then a caravan to LOS ALAMOS LABS, where cake will be shared with lab scientists.
The Plaza in Santa Fe at 12:00 noon.
contact:Peggy Prince - Tel.: 505 989 4812
DENVER, CO:In downtown Denver, an event with area activists. People will be encouraged to sign postcards to be sent to Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, pressing for ratification of the Treaty.
16th & Broadway downtown Denver at 12:00 noon.
contact:Tom Rauch, American Friends Service Committee
Tel.: 303 832 4823
SUPERIOR, WI & DULUTH, MN:Bells will be tolled 51 times throughout both communities. Grandmothers for Peace will also host a luncheon and signing ceremony.
contact:Jan Provost, Grandmothers for Peace - Tel.: 715 394 7929
CHICAGO, IL:Bell tolling and ceremony at Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago, site of the 1st nuclear chain reaction in 1942.
Rockefeller Chapel, Univ. of Chicago, 5850 S. Woodlawn-7 pm
contact:Kevin Martin, Peace Action - Tel.: 312 939 3316
NEW YORK, NY:A press conference at 8:00 am at the Hard Rock Cafe, then a gathering to discuss the "Next Steps Toward Nuclear Weapons Abolition." Gathered activists will meet at 10:30 at the Episcopal Center and then go to the United Nations Church of The Holy Family at noon for a bell-tollig ceremony. West Park Presbyterian Riverside Church will also have a bell-tolling ceremony.
Hard Rock Cafe, 221 W. 57th NY, NY at 8:00 am
Church of the Holy Family, 315 E. 47th Street, NY, NY
contact:Stephanie Fraser - Tel.: 212 750 5795
West Park Presbyterian Riverside Church, 86th Street and Amsterdam Ave., at 12:00 noon
contact:Ken Estey, NY Metro Peace Action - Tel. 212 870 2304
PRlNCETON, NJ:Bells will be tolled throughout the community. At Trinity church there will be a press conference with Frank Von Hippel, Rev. Bob Moore and others.
Trinity Church, 33 Mercer Street, Princeton, NJ at 12:00 noon.
contact:Rev. Bob Moore, Coalition for Peace Action
Tel.: 609 924 5022
PHILADELPHIA, PA:At the Liberty Bell, a signing ceremony, and a tolling of a bell 51 times, for 51 years of nuclear testing. Rabbi Leonard Gordon will be participating and reading a poem.
Liberty Bell, 4th and Market, Phila. at 12:00 noon.
contact:David Gibson, Peace Action - Tel.: 215 386 5773
BOSTON, MA:Bell-tolling at noon. Harvard Square Ceremony, 5:30-6:30.
contact:Shelagh Foreman, Mass. Peace Action Tel. 617 354 2169
PITTSBURGH, PA: In downtown Pittsburgh, The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Clock will be turned back by a child. Printed balloons will be distributed, and visual panels related to testing and the nuclear age will be on display. The Mayor and City Council members will sign a pledge to work toward nuclear abolition.
Market Square Pittsburg at 11:30 am
contact:Daniel Fine, M.D., Western Pennsylvania Campaign for a Comprehensive Test Ban
Tel.: 412 339 2242 or 339 6641 or 339 4279
WASHINGTON, DC:D.C. area church bells, including the National Cathedral will be tolled 51 times. Citizen's signing of People's Pledge and ceremony will be held at Foundary United Methodist Church.
Foundary United Methodist Church, 1500 16th NW at noon.
contact:J. at Greenpeace Tel.: 202 319 2505, or
Kathy Crandall, Disarmament Clearinghouse
Tel.: 202 898 0150 ext. 232
Other events are being planned in: Atlanta, GA, Baltimore, MD, Boulder, CO, Cleveland, OH, Floral Park, NY, Hartford, CT, Houston, TX, Ladysmith, WI, Madison, WI, Midland, MI, Minneapolis, MN, Missoula, MT, New Haven, CT, Panhandle, TX, Riverside, CT, Salt Lake City, UT, Santa Cruz, CA, Syracuse, NY ...
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Kathy Crandall at the Disarmament Clearinghouse
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Tel: 202 898 0150 ext. 232.

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