Sept. 24, 1996

After four decades of activism and 2,046 nuclear test explosions in the atmosphere, in outer space, underwater, and underground, governments worldwide have overwhelmingly agreed to a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Today, as the Treaty is signed by heads of state at the United Nations in New York, we remember the suffering of the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the millions of victims of nuclear testing worldwide.

The conclusion of the zero yieid Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty is a testament to the power of grassroots activism, and is an essential step toward the unfinished task of total nuclear disarmament.

TODAY, WE THE UNDERSIGNED, along with millions worldwide, renew our pledge to abolish every nuclear weapon on the face of the earth.

WE PLEDGE to work for the rapid ratification and implementation of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty to ensure that nuclear bombs will never again be detonated anywhere.

WE PLEDGE to oppose any efforts to develop new nuclear weapons.

WE PLEDGE to oppose the immaral, and illegal use or threat to use nuclear weapons.

WE PLEDGE to address the deadly legacy of the nuclear arms race which has contaminated the planet and its people.

WE PLEGE to work for the immediate initiation of negotiations to eliminate nuclear weapons, so that we can enter the new millennium with a world free of nuclear weapons.

A Project of: Greenpeace * Peace Action * Physicians for Social Responsibility
Plutonium Challenge * Women's Action for New Directions

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