Citizen Sam says:

Aug. 5, 1997

I stayed last night at the Proposition 1 Center in Wash. D.C. with the folks who have maintained a vigil against nuclear misuse behind the White House for 16 years.

Charles Swiden and I walked in from Baltimore carrying flags and handing out literature as we came. The people we talked with were amazed and angry when they learned that the nation and the world is being exposed to the possibility of a nuclear disaster of a magnitude that has not been matched since the Cuban missile crisis threatened all out nuclear war.

This is not the possibility of a nuclear melt down at one reactor or a radioactive spill that contaminates a county and kills a few million of us. This is a chance of doom and slow death for five or ten billion living creatures in this generation and deformed babies and more slow nasty deaths around the whole planet for more than a thousand more generations. We must not run this risk.

We are not being told about this. Most of the major media sources have already been absorbed the corporate megopoly that inherited the power of the industrial military complex. It is a war machine run amok with no heart no soul no honor no program except to grow. It owns people though. It has co-opted most of the scientists who should be telling us about this danger. Most of the best ones have been sworn to secrecy because they or their institutions are funded. They can't talk about their secret project nor do they want to know or dare to talk about anyone else's secrets. (Did you see the Gulf War on T.V.? Did you know that the guns that were smashing the tanks were firing depleted Uranium bullets?)

The government, our servants are about to risk our lives by launching 72.3 pounds of Plutonium into a series of orbits that risk this material being vaporized and dispersed over the whole planet. Our Golem is playing GOD. The world must know about this danger. We have less than two months to stop this launch. If you understand this threat, take to the roads, take to the streets, tell your neighbor. Come to Canaveral before the 4th of October. I will be walking South on Highway One wearing an Uncle Sam hat with a mourning band and carrying a flag that says 'STOP CASSINI' . Join me for a while if you can.

If you can't come to the demonstration; Make some phone calls, File an injunction, Give a Sermon. Call your mother . Ask your teacher . Write to Chelsea.

For updated info. call:
410 235 7110

718 426 5361 lovearth