The Top Ten Reasons Why The Cassini Mission With Its 72.3 Pounds Of Deadly Plutonium Must Be Postponed:

  1. Because there is a safe renewable alternative to generate the 745 watts of electricity. It's been used by NASA since the mid 60's, solar power and longlived fuel cells can generate the modest 745 watts. Even out to where Cassini is going, Saturn, which is 794 million miles from Earth and has only 1.1% of the solar insulation.
  2. Because by NASA's own odds there is now a 1 in 345 gamble for Plutonium to be released on the Cassini Mission. NASA's original odds were 1 in 1500, then it was 1 in 900, then it was 1 in 500, now it's 1 in 345. Maybe tomorrow it will be 1 in 7.44?
  3. Because 9 out of the 67, or 13.44%, of nuclear missions that have been tried by the US and the former USSR have ended in different degrees of catastrophic radiation fallout upon Earth. The last nuclear mission failure was Nov. 17th, 1996 when the Russian Mars 96 space probe with .44 of a lb. of Pu vaporized over Chile.
  4. Because NASA won't wait for the best 8% of the time when the Cassini mission launch winds direction and speed are blowing away from humanity. The last 2 nuclear launches (Galileo and Ulysses) the winds at liftoff blew back on humanity.
  5. Because 1 out of the 20 Titan 4 Booster Rockets that will be used to launch the Cassini mission exploded. Chemical rockets by nature are all quite volatile. On January 17th 1997 a Delta 2 rocket exploded 13 seconds into its liftoff at the Cape spewing its highly noxious chemical fuel up to 100 miles down the coast of Florida.
  6. Because by NASA's own odds there is a 1 in 450 gamble for Plutonium to be released on Cassini from T+ 206 seconds, at 68.56 miles high, till T+ 689 seconds, which is the time Cassini leaves Earth's orbit. A failure during this time will lead to a fiery inadvertent reentry and Cassini, with no heat shield will release some, most, or all of the 72.3 lbs. of Plutonium. This will cause the premature deaths of hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of Homo Sapiens over just the next 50 years.
  7. Because there are 2.3 million American citizens living within the six county region that surrounds Launch complex # 40 at The Cape Canaveral Air Station in Florida.
  8. Because the Cassini mission is a stepping stone in the United States's plans for the nuclearization, weaponization and domination of space. At least 21 billion dollars within the next 5 years will be spent on this, the military's new ultimate high ground.
  9. Because inhalation of less then 27 millionths of a gram of Plutonium will give you lung cancer and also causes long term genetic damage to the web of all life. The 72.3 pounds of Plutonium is enough for at least 1.2 billion lethal doses for Homo Sapiens.
  10. Because if Cassini's deadly radiation doesn't get us, there are now a dozen more nuclear space missions scheduled by the US over the next 12 years. Feeling Lucky?

What You Can Do

  1. SAY NO TO CASSINI CALL 1-888-NO-CASSINI SEND 3 WESTERN UNION LETTERS $9.95 (billed to your phone or Visa/MC) THIS IS THE ONE THING THAT ALMOST EVERYONE CAN DO. Have 3 Hand Delivered Verifiable Letters Sent In Your Name Strongly Urging Each Of The Following President William Jefferson Clinton, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton & Vice President Albert A. Gore To Postpone The Launch Of Cassini For The Inherent Safety Of A Solar Fuel Cell Redesign. End The Militarization And Nuclearization Of Space. Stop Space >From Becoming The Ultimate High Ground.
  2. Come To The United Nations Rally To Stop The Launch Of The Cassini Mission Saturday September 20, 1997 From Noon Till 8PM With Speakers And Musicians (T- 16 Days) Can't Make The Rally, Make Your Voice Heard By Calling US Ambassador To The United Nations Bill Richardson At 212 415-4404 On Friday September 19 From 9:00AM EDT to 5:30PM EDT.
  3. Come To The White House Rally To Stop The Launch Of The Cassini Mission Sunday September 28, 1997 From Noon Till 8PM With Speakers And Musicians (T- 8 Days) Can't Make The Rally, Make Your Voice Heard By Calling All Day Sunday September 28 President Bill Clinton At The White House 202 456-1414 Or Send The Western Union Letters
  4. Be At The Cape Canaveral Rally To Stop The Launch Of Cassini (T- 40 Hours And 38 Minutes) Saturday October 4, 1997 Starting At 1PM With Speakers, Musicians And Civil Disobedience For # 4 Info Contact Bruce Gagnon 352 468-3295 The Florida Coalition For Peace And Justice
  5. Order The Award Winning NUKES IN SPACE By Calling 1 800 ECO-TV46 See It Yourself, Show It To Friends And Get It On Local Cable Access Channels. Plus A Great Catalog Of Enviro Videos. Order The Wonderful New Book By Professor Karl Grossman THE WRONG STUFF The Space Program's Nuclear Threat To Our Planet From Common Courage Press 1 800 497-3207 Tell Your Library To Carry.
  6. The Talk Radio And TV Campaign To Stop Cassini Call Into Local And National Programs Bring Up Cassini With Its 72.3 Lbs. Of Deadly Plutonium. Inhaling Less Then 27 Millionths Of A Gram Will Give You Lung Cancer And Genetic Damage. That NASA's Own Odds Now State There Is A 1 in 345 Probability For A Release Of Plutonium on Cassini. Mention, Cassini Can Be Redesigned Using The Safe Renewable Alternative - A Solar Fuel Cell Redesign. Call Western Union At 1 888 NO CASSINI For The 3 Letters At Only $9.95, The 3 Rallies - UN WH Cape - Visit The Web Site Call 718 426-5361
  7. Phonecalls Faxes e-mails To President William Jefferson Clinton At The White House Phone 202 456-1414 Fax 202 456-2461 e-mail Switchboard Open 24/7 Call Your Congressperson And Both Of Your Senators And Ask For Open Cassini Hearings.
  8. Visit The Stop Cassini Web Site Read The Article Gambling With The Devil Print Posters Of Any Rally And 1 888 NO CASSINI Western Union Letters Off Website And Display In Every Mom And Pop Store Front Window Where You Spend Money Link With Us - Banner Available
  9. Worldwide 5 Minute Laughing Or Silent Meditations 9/20 New York City Sunset 7:01 PM EDT 9/28 Washington DC Sunset 6:48 PM EDT And 10/4 The Cape Canaveral Sunset 6:42 PM EDT
  10. The Press Conference Caravan Down To Cape Canaveral Florida Leaves Tuesday Sept 30th
  11. The 1000 Mile Walk To Stop Cassini By The Environmental Crisis Center >From Baltimore Starting From Baltimore MD Aug 1st, Following US Route 1 South, Arriving At Cape Canaveral Oct 2nd
  12. Evacuation Of The Six Counties Surrounding Cape Canaveral, Florida Saturday Oct 5th At 2 PM
  13. Write To The List Of Celebs Urging Them To Step Up To The Plate And Help Us To Stop Cassin Please Get Other To Do This ASAP. Mail A Copy Of Your Letter Back To LOVEARTH.


The #1 Thing To Do To Stop The Cassini Mission
Write To These 33 People Today

Please send the following people a letter asking them to step up to the plate and join us in our struggle to postpone Cassini for the inherent safety of a solar fuel cell redesign. Please spend the 3 hours and 12 dollars and do this ASAP. Do your best to get others involved in also writing to all 33.

Paul Newman
1120 5th Avenue # 1 C
NY NY 10128

Bruce Springsteen
Premier Talent Agency
3 East 54th Street
NY NY 10022

Oprah Winfrey
Harpo Producation
110 North Carpenter Street
Chicago IL 60607

Don Henley
9130 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood CA 90069

Robert Redford
RR 3 Box 624-A
Sundance UT 84604

Yoko Ono
1 West 72nd Street
NY NY 10023

Tom Petty
1775 Broadway 8th Floor
NY NY 10019

Elton John
John Reid
82 Galena Road
London W6 OLT England

Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins
Nancy Seltzer & Associates
1775 Broadway Suite 609
NY NY 10019

P.O. Box 8032
Athens GA 30603

Woody Harrelson
Creative Artists Agency
9830 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills CA 90212

Bob Dylan
P.O. Box 263 Cooper Station
NY NY 10003

Sir Paul McCartney
MPL Communications Ltd.
1 Soho Square
London W1V 6BQ England

Oliver Stone
IXTLAN Producations
201 Santa Monica Blvd. # 610
Santa Monica CA 90401

Stevie Nicks
P.O. Box 6907
Alhambra CA 91802

Billy Joel
Maritime Music Inc.
280 Elm Street
Southampton NY 11968

Paul Simon
1619 Broadway # 500
NY NY 10019

Jackson Browne
9830 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly hills CA 900212

Brian Wilson
151 El Camino
Beverly Hills CA 90212

Graham Nash
Atlantic Records
75 Rockefeller Plaza
NY NY 10019

The Bugle House
21 A Noel Street
London W1 England

Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose Show
499 Park Avenue
NY NY 10022

P.O. Box 33494
San Diego CA 92163

Neil Young
Geffen Records
9126 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood CA 90069

Jerry Brown
We The People
200 Harrison Street
Oakland CA 90067

Stevie Wonder
4616 West Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank CA 91505

Ralph Nader
Public Citizen
315 Circle Avenue # 2
Takoma Park MD 20912

Tom Snyder
The Late Late Show
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90036

Mick Jagger
110 West 57th Street
NY NY 10019

James Taylor
644 North Deheny Drive
West Hollywood CA 90069

4 Windmill Lane
Dublin 4 Ireland

Jane Fonda
1050 Techwood Drive NW
Atlanta GA 30318

Andy Rooney
60 Minutes
524 West 57th Street
NY NY 10019

CASSINI CALENDAR: Washington DC Organizations

Thank You... Only By Working Together We Will Postpone Cassini
For The Safety Of A Solar Fuel Cell Redesgn

Compliments of Proposition One Committee