Fallout From Nuclear Tests

The dose to individuals from the radioactive fallout from nuclear weapon tests peaked in the early 1960's. A treaty brought most above ground nuclear testing to a halt in 1963, but there was a rush of tests to beat the deadline in 1962. (A similar rush occurred before signing the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in 1996, when France insisted six times on testing in the South Pacific, despite strong opposition around the globe.)

Disclosures during 1997 indicate that fallout was much more widespread than the government has admitted. In the early part of Clinton's first term, when medical radiation experiments were being exposed, researchers were not allowed to report on "downwinders" who suffered medical problems from nuclear test fallout, under the theory that there was "not enough time."

It's good the information is beginning to come out. We urge a "no secrets" policy. Tell the truth, and forgive the trespassers. Let's move on and solve the problems.

Radiation Hazards

Proposition One

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