If you were not at the meeting and wish to work on organizing any of the following, be a contact person for a working group, or add a category , please add your name / name of organization where appropriate and return to Karina Wood at Peace Action Education Fund.

The names marked with * are the contact persons for working groups. Projects are marked by their meeting of origin {SF} - San Fancisco, or {PH} - Philadelphia

Building Alliances: Racism/militarism/injustice {PH}

*Zareefah Story, U.S. Peace Council
Supporting Groups: Shundahai; AFSC; EPF; PADV; NYA; MUPJ

CTB Clearinghouse: Bell Tolling Project {PH}

*Bruce Hall, CTB for CTB
Supporting Groups: PA/PAEF; CoB; PSR; SJCPJ; U.S. Peace Council; PADV; MUPJ; Gray Panthers

CTB citizen signing event, NYC, Sept. {PH}

*David Krieger, NAPF
Supporting Groups:PA/PAEF; PSR; AFSC; EPF; PADV; MJPJ; Gray Panthers

CTB promotion in general {PH}{SF}

Supporting Groups: PA/PAEF; CoB; PSR; Shundahai; WILPF; AFSC; EPF; PADV; MUPJ; WSP

Promote START III {PH}

*Karina Wood, PA/PAEF
Supporting Groups: CoB; PSR; WILPF; PADV; MUPJ

Proposition One {PH}

*Thomas, Proposition One Committee
Supporting Groups: WILPF; SJCPJ; PADV

Pugwash student/public pledge {PH}

*Student Pugwash
Supporting Groups: LCNP; AFSC; EPF

FAS atomic scientists pledge {PH}

*Josh Warner, CoB
Supporting Groups: FAS; AFSC; PADV

Military workers abolition pledge {PH}

Supporting Groups:PADV

Making nuclear abolition an election issue {PH}

*Karina Wood, PA/PAEF PSR
Supporting Groups: U.S. Peace Council; Shundahai; PADV; MUPJ

World Court Project {PH}

*Alyn Ware, LCNP
Supporting Groups: PA/PAEF; Prop1

U.N. abolition resolutions {PH}

*Alyn Ware, LCNP
Supporting Groups: PA/PAEF; AFSC; U.S. Peace Council; PADV; MUPJ

Publicize/support Canberra Commission {PH}{SF}

Supporting Groups: PA/PAEF; PSR; LNCP; MUPJ

Nevada Summit & Day of Action {PH}

*Reinard Knutsen, Shundahai
Supporting Groups: PA/PAEF; PSR; WILPF; AFSC; Prop1; Gray Panthers

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day events {PH}

*Hiroshima/Nagasaki Peace Committee
Supporting Groups: PA/PAEF; WILPF; SJCPJ; EPF; PADV; Prop1; Gray Panthers

Labs/nuclear waste {PH}

Supporting Groups: PSR; Shundahai; PADV

City Council/state-wide resolutions for abolition {PH}

*Dan & Sharon Sidorick
Supporting Groups:SJCPJ; U.S. Peace Council; WILPF; PADV; Prop1

Endorsements from trade unions, professional associations, etc on abolition {PH}

Supporting Groups: PA/PAEF; PSR; U.S. Peace Council; PADV

Earth Day {PH}

Supporting Groups: Shundahai; WILPF

Childrens Defense Fund March Gray Panthers {PH}

Supporting Groups: PA/PAEF; WILPF; PADV; NYA;

Focus attention on 1997 NPT review conference {PH}

*Karina Wood,PA/PAEF
Supporting Groups:PSR; CoB; LCNP; AFSC

Promote Nuclear Weapons Abolition Convention (treaty) {PH}

*Zareefah Story, U.S. Peace Council
Supporting Groups:PA/PAEF; PSR; CoB; LCNP; AFSC; Shundahai; EPF; PADV; MUPJ

Pledge for religious community {PH}

*Howard Hallman, MUPJ
Supporting Groups: CoB; EPF; U.S. Peace Council; AFSC; PADV; NYA

Peace Train {PH}

*Deborah Zubou, WILPF
Supporting Groups: PADV

Chernobyl commemoration {PH}{SF}

Supporting Groups: PSR; LCNP; PADV

Peace budget work {PH}

Supporting Groups: WILPF; SJCPJ; PADV; MUPJ; Gray Panthers; PA/PAEF

Boycott campaign of U.S. products following the first subcritical test at the Nevada Test Site on June 18. {SF}

U.S. Women Activists Retreat in Texas scheduled for March 22, 23, 24. {SF}

To get the abolition and budget issues to the American public during the U.S. election campaign. Use video resources, including the "After Hiroshima" video that ECAAR is distributing {SF}

* Alice Slater