Global Peace Walk 2000
Mid-point Vision to East Coast and for Our Future

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Date: Sunday, June 04, 2000 10:44 AM

Dear Friends,

We are sending out this message calling for people to give focus to the Global Peace Walk 2000 as we are about to begin a significant new phase. We are asking please for you to take up this message and spread it through all channels. Right now, we are the smallest the walk has been with 14 walkers and 5 support vehicles. We began walking on MLK's birthday January 15th from the San Francisco War Memorial Building and we go until the United Nations Headquarters by the 55th Anniversary of the UN's beginning of charter on October 24th, 2000. We are concerned about our future, we are concerned about our human life.

On Monday June 5th at 9am we are beginning to walk from the Ponca City, OK City Hall toward Leavenworth, KA. From July 1st to July 4th, close to the Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, we will make Global Peace Fasting for Mother Earth and Leonard Peltier, Symbol of between Land and Life. On July 4th, there is a Leonard Peltier Global Peace Walk Benefit Concert at Ft. Leavenworth where Red Thunder and Blackfire will perform, and also many punk, hip-hop, and rock bands.

Our major date St. Louis, MO has been moved to August 12th. We are going to Sun Dance in South Dakota until the 9th of August and so on the 12th, we will reconvene at the St. Louis Zoo (where the walk will reach around July 23rd), and walk together 6 miles to the Gateway Arch, symbolic gateway to the East/West. We will hold ceremony there and in the afternoon, there will be a benefit concert to raise funds to bring traditional elders to the United Nations. This is the gathering point for all people to walk together to Washington, DC and New York. We have 50 days to walk 900 miles through Indianpolis, IN, Columbus, OH, Pittsburg, PA, and into the Capitol by the October 4th. On October 7th, we will join our prayer with the Global Network Against Nuclear Weapons and Power in Space in the LaFayette Park by the White House. On October 9th, we will make a Millenium of Peace Ceremony at the Washington National Monument and ask President Clinton to pray together as humble human beings to claim the United States as a "Global Peace Zone." The original symbolic center of the Nation was to be where the Jefferson Stone stands today, a couple hundred of feet from the Washington Monument. Since 1994, a number of indigenous elders have made ceremony there to pray for a rededication of the sacred symbol of the center of the Nation to be founded upon a culture of peace. We would like to encourage this movement and also during this time we would like to encourage the World 13 moon calendar peace change movement. There will also be a concert. We are carrying many different peoples' prayers and concerns on this walk and during this time in Washington, we will deliver their messages to our political leadership.

>From Washington, the walk will then up toward the United Nations in New York City passing through Baltimore and Philadelphia. Our prayer is a Future Generations' Prayer for "Global Peace Now!" and to develop a Spiritually United Nations on the 55th Anniversary of the United Nations original charter. At this time, we would like to hold a Spiritual Environmental Summit with indigenous elders speaking upfront about stewardship of our Mother Earth and how to adjust our lives to reestablish a spiritual balance between the human being and the elements of earth, water, air, and fire. If transportation and the venue space were available, many traditional elders could be present. We would like to invite environmental, peace, and spiritual activist organizations to participate and, together, to quickly find common sustainable ground to Protect our Land and Life for Future Generations.

We need spiritual and material help. Fundamentally, just let's walk together! Please join us at any time, just be prepared to camp and survive. Then we need to arrange food and shelter for everybody involved. We need to cover gas money for the support vehicles and pay for phone, copies, etc. We need to find a conference room in New York in order to create the Summit. We need to provide transportation and lodging for the elders to come to Washington, D.C. and New York. If people would convert their frequent flyer miles into travel vouchers for the elders' plane tickets this could happen. Please consider using your network to spread this message and request. If you have a website, maybe it would be possible to link it to

We need to prepare for our future. Global Emergency Reasons.

The Global Peace Walk 2000 asks for your prayer and spiritual practice to bring back a knowledge of mind and a symbol of peace to bring a new consciousness and so encouraging an universal human resovlve for "Global Peace Now." Spirituality is the highest form of politics.

Living on the Globe with All our Friends, Wonderful Blessing and a Beautiful Relationship.

All our relations, Global Peace Walkers

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